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meengurry memories

fresh raw jackfruit chips | chakkavaruthathu

fresh raw jackfruit chips | chakkavaruthathu

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fondly known as the kerala jackfruit chips
Indulge guilt-free with MeenGurry Memories crunchy  & delicious jackfruit chips.
Freshly prepared raw jackfruit chips made only in coconut oil, our chips are made from highest quality jackfruits freshly harvested from the trees. Jackfruits are powerhouse of vitamin A, C and good source of anti-oxidants. 
Loaded with fibres, with anti-inflammatory properties, these chips are a healthier snacking option. Try these delicious gluten-free 100% plant-based snack today! 
what makes MeenGurry Memories Jackfruit chips special?
fresh jackfruit chips by meengurry memories on toccomade fresh on orders from hygienic home kitchens
fresh jackfruit chips by meengurry memories on tocco made only in coconut oil and the oil is not reused 
crunchy jackfruit chips by meengurry memories on tocco they are crunchy, but not hard to chew
meengurry memories jackfruit chips fresh on tocco made from fresh harvested jackfruits from homes, made in traditional methods
natural chips plant based gluten free snack from meengurry memories on tocco 100% natural, absolutely no preservatives 

tastes best before: 40 days   

hello! as jackfruit is a locally sourced fruit and we pluck it and make it fresh, the quality of jackfruit is a huge factor. We will require a lead time of atleast 6 calendar days to prepare and ship them to you. 

Lead time & Shipping

The products are made fresh by different individuals across India in their home kitchens with passion and joy. Our current lead time to dispatch is 04 business days. But it will be worth the wait, we promise! 

Please refer to our shipping policy

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about the chef

Food is really an emotion for me!  growing up, there are so many memories we have created across dining tables. Moving to Mumbai to build start-ups in health-tech quickly made me realise that access to the food that I grew up eating with all that emotion is no longer a viable option.

It all started with me hijacking my home kitchen to make the most famous regional snack of kerala - the banana chips. Since then, I'm on a mission to make the best banana chips in the world- not the banana chips that you get from stores in Kerala, but the ones that are made at homes by grandparents for their kins in Kerala. And I want the world to taste it!

- Reshma

Frequently Asked Questions

are tocco's products safe for my children?

absolutely. All products are made by individuals like our parents fresh from their home kitchens. They don't use any added preservatives to increase shelf life. In fact, it's the exact same quality of products that are consumed by them & their families.

where are the products shipped from?

each product made by the chefs are either shipped directly from their source kitchen or the nearest tocco hub. All orders are fulfilled by tocco

how does tocco assure quality of each product?

the first level of quality check happens at the time of onboarding itself. each listing is assessed for the product quality, the kitchen conditions and the intent of the chef.

each chef is given training on hygienic practices while cooking & packing their products

do you have cash on delivery option?

unfortunately, we don't have COD at the moment as each order is prepared for you by our chefs. We understand your concern and we are available to answer any query with regards to your order on WhatsApp even after the delivery.