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authentic regional delicacies fresh on tocco buy delivery across India

quality, hygiene and safety

The chefs make it with love for you, which they make for their families

every chef and their kitchen premise is FSSAI compliant

each chef is given training on preparing in safe and hygienic environment

Tocco approves ingredients and process prior to listing a product

every batch goes through Quality Control by Tocco


are the products made in home kitchens?

yes, each chef makes the products in their tocco approved hygienic home kitchens

are the products made fresh?

yes all the products are made fresh in batches by the chefs in their respective kitchens. Chefs declare the date of making the products along with a batch sample for Tocco's quality control

how is the delivery fee calculated?

you can mix and pick any product from homes across different cities- you incur only a single flat shipping fee. No minimum order requirement from a particular home kitchen/ chef brand

are tocco products safe for my children?

products at tocco are prepared by people like our parents just like how they make for their families. Products are listed on tocco after verification and approval of ingredients and processes

are products from different homes shipped together?

each product made by the chefs are either shipped directly from their source kitchen or the nearest tocco hub. You may receive the packages in different parts as they are shipped from different homes across different cities, as and when they are done