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Diamond Cuts from Kerala

Diamond Cuts from Kerala

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Handcrafted by Chef Jomol in her apartment in Kochi, Kerala Diamond Cuts are a traditional sweet snack made with refined wheat flour, fried to golden perfection and dusted with sugar and cardamom. These diamond-shaped treats offer a delightful sweetness, making them an irresistible snack for any occasion.

What to Expect:

❤️ Crunchy and crisp, with sesame seeds but not too hard
🍀Sweet, with a hint of cardamon

🚫 No reuse of oil and 100% natural ingredients

Additional Information:

  • Allergens: Contains wheat.
  • Oil used: Coconut oil/ Sunflower Oil
  • Shelf Life: ~35 days.

Originating from Kerala, Diamond Cuts are a beloved sweet snack enjoyed during festivals and celebrations. The use of coconut oil not only adds a distinctive flavour but also reflects the traditional cooking practices of the region

Consumption Advice: Since these snacks are fried and sweetened, it is advisable to enjoy them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Lead time & Shipping

The products are made fresh by different individuals across India in their home kitchens with passion and joy. Our current lead time to dispatch is 04 business days. But it will be worth the wait, we promise! 

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about the chef

"These snacks are memories of festivals at home- how we all used to make them together for Christmas and Easter "

- Jomol Solomon


How we met her:

Jomol Aunty is our amma's close friend. She used to make wonderful cutlets and snacks and shared with us during festivals and we loved them! She got inspired by Amma and Annie Aunty (who makes plum cake) and wanted to explore her passion with Tocco :)

Frequently Asked Questions

are tocco's products safe for my children?

absolutely. All products are made by individuals like our parents fresh from their home kitchens. They don't use any added preservatives to increase shelf life. In fact, it's the exact same quality of products that are consumed by them & their families.

where are the products shipped from?

each product made by the chefs are either shipped directly from their source kitchen or the nearest tocco hub. All orders are fulfilled by tocco

how does tocco assure quality of each product?

the first level of quality check happens at the time of onboarding itself. each listing is assessed for the product quality, the kitchen conditions and the intent of the chef.

each chef is given training on hygienic practices while cooking & packing their products

do you have cash on delivery option?

unfortunately, we don't have COD at the moment as each order is prepared for you by our chefs. We understand your concern and we are available to answer any query with regards to your order on WhatsApp even after the delivery.